Where do you begin as a medical technology innovator?
What lessons can you learn from experienced inventors?
How can you improve your chances of success?

Join us for the Academy of Innovation day!

DON’T MISS out on this wonderful opportunity to expand upon the unique skills needed in order to develop new biomedical technologies and take the critical first steps in invention, patenting, early prototyping and development of new concepts.




  • "The Academy of Innovation day contributed by raising common issues which I guess are relevant in any startup, especially in biotech. I got some "take home messages" that helped me later with what I'm doing today in the field."

    Arik Eizenkraft
    Director for Homeland Defense Projects in Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.
  • "It is definitely the best clinical innovation meeting I have attended and would be very interested in partaking in some capacity.My background is Medical Device development, as an R and D director for a large US Medtech company and as Managing Director of i2r Medical which is a specialist medical innovation company, details attached. Certainly having bought many medical devices to market through my corporate employer and also with i2r I could provide significant input into the challenges of an SME navigating through the IP and Regulatory landscape as well as the opportunities that are unique to a small company. Having been involved in the assessment team for a large corporation I can also provide insight into the selection criteria for ideas submitted by inventors."

    Keith Heaton
    Managing Director, i2r Medical Limited
  • "I graduated the Biodesign course from Hebrew University this year (through which I participated in ICI Academy day last year regarding inputs: Last year a representative of Medtronic gave a talk about how their company decides which startups to invest in. Very good talk"

    Oren Wintner
    PhD Student in Bioengineering
  • "The conference helped me a lot to understand and manage the development process and organize my scientific ideas."

    Laszlo Major
    Head of the Haemodynamic Laboratory of Military Hospital in Budapest,Hungary
  • Lukasz Partyka

The Academy of innovation day will include:

The full day’s program will feature lectures by:

  • The Incubator concept
  • Assessing the need and the market
  • How to excel in applied research
  • Steps in securing intellectual properties
  • Patent applications
  • First prototype testing
  • First in man studies
  • Steps towards regulatory approval
  • How to attract funding
  • Dynamic group activities dealing with
    current and future needs of interventional
    cardiology and biodesign
  • Leading innovators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Patent attorneys
  • VC fund leaders