Guido Benjamin Pardo-Roques

Guido Benjamin Pardo-Roques


President & CEO Philips Israel,

CEO, Philips Medical Systems Technologies LTD

Public roles:

Board Member, IAESI, Israel Association of Electronics and Software Industries

Board Member, IATI, Israel Advanced Technology Industries

Guido Pardo-Roques is the CEO of Philips Israel.

Philips Israel employees approximately 1,000 employees in the Healthcare space, focusing in research and development,  manufacturing, marketing, sales and service. Philips Israel main foci are: diagnostic equipment (CT and PET/CT), Clinical SW Applications for CT, AMI,  MRI, ULS and iXR,  Healthcare IT,  Digital Health and Oncology Genomics.  In 2015, Philips founded together with Teva, a Healthcare Technological Incubator  (Sanara) under the auspices of Israeli Chief Scientist.

Guido joined Elscint’s CT Division in 1980; in 1988 he was appointed to Project Manager of the CT Twin, the world’s first multislice scanner, a breakthrough product that changed the CT imaging landscape forever.  In 1993, Guido was appointed to R&D Manager of Elscint CT and in this function, he was one of the leaders  that positioned the Haifa facility as the major CT detection site in the world. In 2001 the Haifa Facility was acquired  by Philips.

Guido  holds BSc and MSc from the Technion in Haifa, and MBA from the Haifa University. In 1997, Guido, received the Rothschild Prize for Innovation by the President of the State of Israel.