ICI Innovation Award Winners 2011-2018

ICI Innovation of the Year 2018 Winner:


AuriGen Medical is an Irish electrophysiology and structural heart company committed to transforming the management of persistent atrial fibrillation by developing the first cardiac implant to treat both the stroke and arrhythmia risk associated with this devastating condition. Everyday millions of patients suffer with atrial fibrillation, a condition characterized by an irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia which can lead to stroke, dementia, heart failure and death. Unfortunately for the majority of patients with persistent disease, the current treatment options are routinely ineffective. AuriGen Medical is developing the next generation of left atrial appendage implant to simultaneously address both the stroke and arrhythmia risk. The AuriGen technology is quick and intuitive to implant and incorporates biophotonic sensors for real time confirmation of procedural success, without the need for complex mapping. Our team are supported by strong international clinical and commercial advisory teams. AuriGen Medical have conducted successful acute and chronic pre-clinical studies in IMMR Paris, filed 4 patents and ranked 1st across Europe in the Horizon 2020 FTI and SME instruments securing over $7 million in non-dilutive funding. This funding will allow the company to prepare for first in human studies in 2020. We are AuriGen Medical and we are committed to transforming the future for all patients suffering with atrial fibrillation.

ICI Innovation of the Year 2018 Runner up:


BioGenCell has developed a long-term road map for the next five years and beyond.
Our goal is to reach commercialization of the first product based on FDA’s and EMA's expedited programs while developing a pipeline of additional products based on our technology platform.
A phase I/II multi-centered randomized-controlled-study in 40 patients was approved in Israel and in Belgium. This will be followed by a pivotal phase III study.
A market leading position in bringing stem cell treatments to patients in every clinic will be achieved due to the technology's superior safety and scalability. BioGenCell will add value and open a competitive gap by creating a revenue stream based on FDA’s and EMA's expedited programs. By the end of the clinical trials, the company will have developed strategic partnerships and distribution channels.

ICI Innovation of the Year 2017 Winner:


EyeFree Assisting Communications Ltd. aims to be a leading supplier of assistive communication devices for the “locked-in” community. This community is represented by ALS and other patients who have lost their ability to communicate, but still have fully functioning cognitive abilities. A subset of this community is others that may be temporarily “locked-in” due to medical procedures or being connected to mechanical ventilation, for example, patients within ICU departments. The technology behind the development of the EyeControl device enables communication by intuitive eye gestures and vocal feedback, eliminating the need for users to be calibrated to a screen. Our innovative device is wearable, screen less, easy to use and fully mobile. 

For Tania’s, Testimonial Director of Business Development (EyeFree Assisting Communication Ltd.) the first prize winner of ICI Innovation 2017- Click Here

ICI Innovation of the Year 2016 Winner:

Vigor Medical Technologies Ltd., is a private Israeli company, developing innovative medical devices in the field of critical care. Our flagship product, C-Lant Port, is a life saving device for effective treatment of any type of chest trauma (blunt or penetrating) or for post operative drainage following major thoracic and abdominal procedures. C-Lant’s feasibility and effectiveness were successfully proved on animals, the interest of Israeli Army and Red Cross was confirmed and seed funding raised. The worldwide applicable market for C-Lant port of over $2B and the product is planned to be commercialised within 12-18 months.
The company was established by 3 co-founders from Israel and USA, with decades of experience bringing innovative medical devices from concept stage to successful commercialization.
Vigor Medical is an award winning company: winner of INNOVEX conference Disrupt competition (2016, Israel), runner up at Shenzen International Talents competition (2016), finalist of MassChallenge Accelerator (Boston, USA, 2014), first graduate of T-Factor program (Technion Institute of Technology, Israel, 2015) and Finalist of Innovation Days Competition (Paris, France, 2015)

 ICI Innovation of the Year 2016 Runner up:

Nuheart was established in March 2014 and is dedicated to developing a novel concept for a heart pump treatment, from idea to clinical use. The Nuheart device represents the first percutaneous ventricular assist device (VAD) able to provide complete, long-term circulatory support for patients with severe heart failure. The Nuheart VAD will have the key advantage of low invasiveness (non-surgical) due to its delivery through a trans-catheter system, with markedly reduced resource demand and allowing for rapid mobilization of patients following the procedure. The “all-new” concept is based on an insertion of the pump through the venous system by customized delivery catheters. The pump docks to a connector between the atrial wall and the aorta and creates a channel through the two tissues, through which the VAD will directly pump blood from the left atrium into the aorta. Nuheart believes that its ventricular assist device (VAD) concept has the potential to be a global game changer, not only providing a better solution for current VAD-treated heart failure patients, but also offering a new treatment option to patients that currently are not eligible for VAD, therefore saving lives, extending lives, improving quality of life, and reducing the cost burden of health care on society.

 ICI Innovation of the Year 2015 Winner:


DiACardio Ltd. is an imaging processing software company that is developing tools for automating the evaluation of echocardiographic images, sometimes referred to as “ultrasounds of the heart”.
DiACardio’s technology is based on a platform of proprietary algorithms that enable 1) automatic detection of the heart’s ventricle walls borders, and 2) accurate quantitative assessment of the heart’s dynamic performance. This platform enables the evaluation of echo images to be fully automated. This is a revolutionary step that makes the process faster, easier and less expensive than using today’s subjective manual and semi-automatic static evaluation methodologies.Pic_277


 ICI Innovation of the Year 2014 Winner:


TVA 2014

Innovation 2014

TVA Medical, Inc. has developed a catheter-based system for the creation of an arteriovenous fistula in patients requiring hemodialysis. For millions of patients worldwide receiving hemodialysis therapy, TVA Medical intends to transform the open surgical procedure into a minimally invasive procedure by using a catheter-based approach.


ICI Innovation of the Year 2013 Winner:

Real View

Innovation 2013

 RealView Imaging Ltd, an Israeli start-up company, is introducing the world’s first 3D holographic display and interface system, initially for medical imaging applications. The company’s proprietary technology projects hyper-realistic, dynamic 3D holographic images “floating in the air” without the need for any type of eyewear or a conventional 2D screen. The projected 3D volumes appear in free space, allowing the user to literally touch and interact precisely within the image, presenting a unique and proprietary breakthrough in digital holography and real-time 3D interaction capabilities.


ICI Innovation of the Year 2012 Winner:

Sky Medical

Innovation 2012

Sky Medical Technology Limited provides electronic medical apparatus for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis and other circulatory disorders. Sky Medical Technology Limited, doing business as Firstkind Limited, manufactures and distributes electro-simulation devices. The company develops a self-adhesive strip that sits behind the knee and stimulates muscles in the calf and foot.


ICI Innovation of the Year 2011 Winner:


Innovation 2011 2

Transcatheter Technologies GmbH is an emerging medical device company specializing in catheter-based heart valve implantation and aortic therapy. Our main developments are the transcatheter aortic valve implantation system TRINITY, the transcatheter mitral valve implant TRESILLO and the endovascular aortic repair stent TUMBAO.