Lunch Session- Novartis – The silent majority: are we doing enough for NYHA class II HFrEF patients?

12:30-14:30   Tuesday, 25 April, 2017 

Lunch Session- Novartis - Hall J

The Silent Majority: Are We Doing Enough for NYHA Class II HFrEF Patients?

Faculty: Tamir Bental, Tuvia Ben Gal, Israel Gotsman, Idit Dobrecky- Mery

 Time TopicSpeaker
12:30-13:00Lunch first and main courses 
13:00-13:15The Paradox of NYHA Class II HFrEF Patients: The Gap Between Perecption and PrognosisIdit Dobrecky- Mery
13:15-13:30Entresto- Time To Do More for NYHA Class II HFrEF PatientsTamir Bental
13:30-13:45Beyond the PARADIGM-HF- Are Stabke Patients Stable?Israel Gotsman
13:45-14:00Panel Discussion/ Q+ATuvia Ben Gal , Idit Dobrecky- Mery, Tamir Bental, Israel Gotsman

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