December 4 – 12:40-13:40 Lunch Session Sponsored by Philips Hall I

12:40-13:40   Monday, 4 December 2017 

Lunch Session Sponsored by Philips - Hall I

Latest Advancements in Physiology and Imaging to Assess Complex Coronary Disease

 Time TopicSpeaker
 12:40-12:45 Introduction to Session Objectives Ariel Roguin
 12:45-12:55Advancements in Microvascular Disease Assessment & Treatment Amir Lerman
 12:55-13:05Latest Clinical Evidence & Implications from DEFINE Flair, iFR Swedeheart & SYNTAX II Javier Escaned
 13:05-13:15Can Physiology Do More To Localize Treatment (Mechanisms & Treatment Planning) Justin Davies
 13:15-13:25Case Presentations - How I Use Co-registration to Simplify Complex Disease Treatment Aaron Frimerman
13:25-13:40Panel Discussion & Implications 

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