Solomon Harold

Solomon Harold


Principal, Georgia Tech VentureLab As part of Georgia Tech VentureLab, I help launch technology start-ups from biomedical,  chemistry and all areas of engineering. My current activities, include: Brain cancer therapeutic and diagnostic nano fiber device – veterinary clinical trials under way Artificial Intelligence applications in question / answer National Science Foundation SBIR medical technology reviewer Lymphedema self-administered home based diagnostic – clinical trials under way Mentor network buildout to support Georgia Tech spin-outs I work with researchers to test market acceptance of their work and find a business model that will support commercialization. If we pass that gate, we bring in grant funding to further remove technical and market adoption risk. Finally, we form the entity, license the technology from Ga Tech, Emory or Children’s Healthcare and match a start-up CEO, SBIR, angel or venture funding and spin the entity out of Georgia Tech.  Former CEO, Decision Services International, LLC an Atlanta, GA based decision software  company. With Fidelity Information Services (, DSI developed VIE(tm), a  verification of income and employment service. DSI’s investors include senior financial and data industry executives and strategic, social venture capital funds.  Co-founder & former COO, RentBureau, the largest consumer reporting agency for the  apartment industry. RentBureau was acquired by Experian in 2010. Managing Partner, Seraphim Partners, a technology investment fund targeted at Atlanta, GA based start-ups. Investments are in diagnostics and software based services. Former President of Young Entrepreneurs Organization, Atlanta chapter. Co-founder, TeleKey. Prepaid long distance and internet services. Sold to Executive Telecard. Co-founder Mercury Cellular Management, built managed Washington 2 RSA IBM National Accounts Division – large account sales – Coca-Cola Co. IBM Kennedy Space Center space shuttle operating system software developer

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